Trinity College’s new approach to measuring student success



​​Trinity College will implement a new way of measuring student success in 2024 after collaboration with the University of Melbourne.  
The University’s New Metrics Program is a research venture that aims to partner with progressive school leaders to generate new and validated assessment tools for complex competencies.  
Trinity College Beenleigh Principal Allison Elcoate said in the evolving education landscape, it was important to “keep ahead” to maintain relevance for our students of the future.  
“If we can’t ensure what we are offering is meaningful and purposeful, our students are not going to engage with schooling,” she said.  
“We know that traditional schooling will teach content but what is often ignored is critical thinking and learner agency. When we move into a more modern workplace these are skills our students need to demonstrate.” 
Allison said over the last six months Trinity College has been implementing small amounts of the program into learning, ready for full implementation in 2024.  
“What we’ve found already has been profound. Students are becoming the drivers of their education, we are finding our engagement is improving as well as attendance and student wellbeing,” she said.  
“This one small change has been substantial.” 
Trinity College Performing Arts Curriculum Leader Michael Blundell said he has also witnessed a shift in teacher wellbeing.  
“We have been co-constructing the learning with the students,” he said.  
“This gives the students more purpose and a clearer understanding of what they’re working towards.” 
Trinity College Head of Student Wellbeing Neil Murphy said he was pleased to see the students excited about learning.  
“The program is designed to complement students’ own capabilities, enhancing courage and confidence and allowing them to see their self-worth.” 
“This is very important because it’s their own confidence and knowing that they’re adding something to their learning.” 
Brisbane Catholic Education Head of Education Marisa Dann said she was very excited that Trinity College had partnered with the University of Melbourne in the New Metrics Program – one of the first Queensland schools involved.   
She said, “being able to plan for, teach, monitor and track the development of key capabilities for agency is one of the key intentions of the BCE Education Strategy”. 
“These sorts of partnerships also contribute to our collective efficacy as a system of 146 schools as they draw on evidence of impact nationally and internationally and provide data for sharing successful practices across schools.”  


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