Twin sets prepared for school life with unique 12-month Pre-Prep program 

Three sets of twins starting their first day of school on Tuesday 24 January 2023 are ready as they’ll ever be, thanks to a unique 12-month pre-Prep pilot program at Immaculate Heart School Leichhardt 

The Brisbane Catholic Education school has been welcoming their future Prep students up to three times per term for a whole year as part of their Little Hearts program. 

Unique to Immaculate Heart School, it aims to connect and transition children and parents from Kindergarten to Prep, as well as create a sense of belonging for students before their first day at school. 

Principal Kurt Dutney said, “what’s wonderful is not only has the pilot program been a huge success, but we have also been lucky enough to see three sets of twins help test out the program.” 

“Since the launch of Little Hearts in 2021, the program has proven a rewarding and welcoming experience for our Pre-Prep students,” he said. 

Most traditional Prep transition programs kick off in Term 4, but we know that welcoming the students even earlier provides them with more confidence and familiarity in their surroundings, ahead of their first day at school. 

“Preps have specific social and emotional transition needs, and this program is tailored to help our future students equip themselves with basic skills they will need for school life. 

“Throughout the program the Prep-Preps have had the opportunity to participate in a range of fun play-based activities, like arts and craft, playground activities, and meet and greets with their new teachers. 

Making friends is important in the early years, to help develop their emotional and social wellbeing, and these classes also give the children in kindergarten the opportunity to interact with their future classmates across the year.” 

When speaking about the sets of twins he said, For our school’s size, we have a lot of sets of twins.” 

“Across our school we have ten sets of twins, across Prep, Year 1, 3, 5 and 6,” he said. 

“I’ve been in education for 27 years and I have never seen so many twins at any school!” 

Woodend mother Makarla said her twins Alex and Hugh, age 5, are so excited to start Prep and have been carrying their new library bags, complete with Immaculate Heart School logo, around everywhere. 

“They won’t put them down, they’re using them to carry everything from pencils to books around the house, they love them,” she said. 

“Their other brother Henry already goes to the school, and they’ve been to a lot of orientation days, so they are very comfortable with the idea of going to Prep. 

They’ve even made gifts for their new teachers out of cupcake patties, with one of my sons even cutting out flowers and star shapes for his new teacher, it’s very sweet!” 

Tivoli mother Carla Brown said her twins Oliver and William, aged 5, cannot believe they are one of ten sets of twins at Immaculate Heart Primary School this year. 

“It’s really great for them to see there are other sets of twins just like them,” she said. 

“Sometimes they think they’re the only set of twins out there! 

“They’re going into Year 1 this year and they are very excited to finally get to wear the formal school uniform.” 

The twins are 20 of 270 students ready to start school at Immaculate Heart School next week.

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