Whirlwind visit raises much needed funds for cancer research

Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough

​Southern Cross Catholic College Captains Jazz Yaldwyn and Cameron Powers presented a cheque for $1000 to actor and philanthropist Samuel Johnson

GOLD Logie winning actor Samuel Johnston dropped in to Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, on a whirlwind 80-day fundraising tour of Queensland and left with a cheque for $1000 towards Cancer research.

The 2019 Dancing with the Stars winner was travelling the country in search of the 10 millionth dollar he promised to raise in the name of his late sister Connie, who died from Brest Cancer in 2017.

Johnson’s quest began seven years ago when he unicycled around Australia in the quest to raise $3 million for cancer research through the charity he co-founded called Love Your Sister.

At the time he received huge support from the college community as he crossed the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge with a bunch of other unicycle fans.

Today, he is on the verge of $10 million raised for cancer research and the push for more individualised cancer treatment.

Johnston, who was travelling the last leg of his Queensland road trip, also gave some special homework to the students, who ranged from Year 5 to Year 12.

“How far would you go for the people you love?” the philanthropist he asked the 700 students in attendance.

“At the dinner table tonight, you need to have an awkward conversation with your mums and sisters.

“Get them to check their boobs,” he said.

Johnston said early detection was the key to beating breast cancer and the only way to do this was for students to get their loved ones to be breast aware.

“Being a mum, my sister always put herself last and she put off going to the doctor when she found a lump.

“If she had gone when she found it, she still might be here today.

“The same thing doesn’t have to happen to the people you love.

“We want mums to keep on ‘mumming’ and being there for us.

“We don’t want other kids to have to say goodbye to their mums,” he said.

Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, was proud to host the popular personality and donate the cheque for $1000 to bring Love Your Sister one step closer to their fundraising goal.

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