Year 11 student makes it into the ‘Band that Brisbane Built’


​​​Aria earns a spot in The Band that Brisbane Built

​When Year 11 student Aria Cook of St Fisher College in Bracken Ridge perfected h​er music assessment piece this year, she did not expect it would open musical doors outside the College.  

Aria has been selected as a supporting vocalist and pianist in the Band that Brisbane Built, a competition being run by 97.3FM. 

“I felt very taken aback but in a good way," Aria said.  

“After they announced the lead singer, I was disappointed. But when I got the call, I realised it wasn't over – I wasn't expecting that." 

“I think this position is a perfect fit as I am still getting my sea legs with performing and although I may not have as much experience as the other singers, I am willing to challenge myself and try new experiences!" 

On the keys and with an angelic voice to match, Aria's talent was one her College teachers noticed last year.  

St Fisher College Music Teacher Tiffany Rabbit said, “This moment with Aria was her performance of Defying Gravity from Wicked the musical in Year 10. I remember being shocked by her singing and playing skills. I knew from that moment that she had musical talent." 

Aria has been singing for two years and playing the piano for four, and participates in senior music classes as well as weekly piano and vocal lessons with the College's instrumental music and singing teachers.  

Tiffany said Aria is incredibly talented, “I love watching Aria perform because she comes to life behind the piano and her voice still gives me goosebumps". 

“She is such a lovely student and is open to any suggestions I make – even if she is pushed out of her comfort zone. I spend so much time with Aria between lessons and rock band, and I enjoy every minute of being her teacher and watching her shine," Tiffany said.  

“We have many groups at the College. I think all students have potential and it's our job to discover it and give them the opportunities to bring it to life." 

Arts and Culture Curriculum Leader Suellen Geran said the College offers a variety of programs for students to experience and join.  

“The cultural program encourages and inspires students to find out who they want to be and gives them opportunities to discover this, not only through our music classes but our large and dynamic Cultural and Instrumental Program," Suellen said.  

“Aria is a very talented student. The school community is very proud of what she has achieved, but more importantly of the way she has conducted herself – with humility and grace, throughout this competition. She is a wonderful ambassador for our College."  

And while Aria's love for music originates from times in the car with her mum and the artists they would listen to, the College's music program has given her a variety of ways to express herself.  

“I love coming to music every day – there was a stage where I wasn't going to be able to study music as a senior as it clashed with French. However, Miss Rabbitt gave me the opportunity to study it with the Year 12 music class, and it has been great to get inspiration from them," Aria said.  

“Being a part of co-curricular activities such as choir, rock and other musical bands this year, has improved my music ability but also working in a group has taught me teamwork skills and how to showcase everyone's talents."  

Tiffany said the competition has been a great experience for the entire College, with everyone in the school getting on board.  

“The school and students have been encouraging Aria every step of the way. I am so proud of our school community and how they wanted this so much for Aria and thought her talent deserved to be noticed and recognised," Tiffany said.  

As for Aria's future, she said studying music at university is an option she is considering but will see how things play out.  

“I want to say a huge thank you to the whole school community for their overwhelming support, and it was great to see my friends get behind me. Thank you to 97.3FM for allowing me this opportunity and I look forward to seeing where it takes me."

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