Yum! - BCE schools spreading messages of appreciation in worlds first edible ‘Gratitude Cup’ this World Environment Day


​St Agatha's Primary School entrepreneurial ​students and First Pivot coaches with their 'Gratitude Cups.'

‘You can eat this cup!’ - Year 3 entrepreneurial student, St Agatha’s Primary School. 
In a world first and ahead of World Environment Day (June 5), Year 3, 4, 5, & 6 entrepreneurial students at St Agatha’s Primary School Clayfield and St Mary of the Cross School Windsor have helped create the world’s first ever edible ‘Gratitude Cup.’ 
The Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) students, with the help of coaches from entrepreneurial organisation First Pivot and sustainable and eco-friendly cup company Good-Edi, designed the environmentally friendly ‘Gratitude Cup’ labels, which spreads messages of appreciation in student(s) handwriting on the environmentally friendly cup. 
The ‘Gratitude Cup’ is revolutionary in that it is made from oats and grains, and when you're done you can eat it, compost it, or feed it to your pets as a treat. The cup also has the ability to hold liquids for up to eight hours.  

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St Agatha’s Primary School Principal Anne-Marie Maw called the students “environmental advocates.” 
“Some of the entrepreneurial student messages selected for the ‘Gratitude Cup’ label includes ‘good for the planet and the ocean, you can put anything in it,’ ‘you can eat this cup,’ ‘no more plastic and more recycling and save the world,’ and a simpler phrase ‘yum,’” she said. 
“It has been amazing seeing our students' become entrepreneurs and come up with gratitude messages for a product which could save 1.7 million disposable cups from ending up in landfill in Australia every year. 
“Our students have shown real concern for their environment, they want to make a difference, and helping design this project provides them the freedom to help solve a major environmental issue and turn their ideas into real world action.” 

St Mary of the Cross School entrepreneurial students with the 'Gratitude Cups.'

St Mary of the Cross School Principal Matthew Beacroft said it was rewarding to see his students learn, while also adding value to others and the environment. 
“Seeing our students design the labels for the world's first ‘Gratitude Cup’ right here in our school classrooms goes to show you’re never too young to create a ripple effect,” he said. 
“Our students have also set a goal to raise money for the Vinnies Queensland Flood Appeal 2022 from their ‘Gratitude Cup’ label design, with First Pivot donating $1 from every cup sale.  
“Throughout this project, our students are not only learning how to be entrepreneurs, but they are also adding value to those in need, while also helping end the use of plastic and paper cups.  
“I trust that if our students are the future, then our future will be very bright.”  
For more information about St Agatha’s Primary School click here. For more information about St Mary of the Cross School click here.  
About First Pivot  
First Pivot’s mission is to empower children with the necessary skills to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. First Pivot offers Incursions and term-based entrepreneurship classes. The term-based program involves teaching the entrepreneurial skill set and the entrepreneurial mindset. Students engage in a range of active learning exercises over the course of the term and build a foundation of 21st century skills.  
About Good-Edi 
Each year in Australia 1 billion takeaway cups are being sent to landfill. We created the Good-Edi cup to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly choice when opting for a single-use takeaway cup. 

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