Southern Cross student serenaded by pop idol

Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough
Lola with the white rose presented to her on stage by superstar Kylie Minogue

STANDING in front of 18,000 screaming people is something Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, student Lola McLoughlin will never forget.

The Year 4 student and her Mum, Vicky, were in the front row for pop superstar Kylie Minogue's concert at Sirromet Winery's A Day on the Green.

Suddenly, as the pop superstar sang the song Where the Wild Roses Grow, she pointed to Lola and called her up to join her on stage.

She then presented the excited 9-year-old with a white rose as she serenaded her through the rest of the song.

Lola had gained the superstar's attention by holding a sign up with the words: “I may be small but I'm your biggest fan".

She said she had grown up with Kylie always being played, with her Mum a fan of the singer for more than 30 years.

“Mum always has Kylie playing in the car and at home and I've heard her so much I really like her now too," Lola said.

“I know most of the words to most of her songs.

Lola said her experience at the concert was the best thing that had ever happened to her and it was something she would remember for a long time.

“It was such an amazing thing to happen and it filled me with happiness, but she made me giggle a lot – I was very nervous," Lola said.

Lola's teacher Therese Hynes said she immediately noticed something different about Lola at school the following day.

“I realised something special had happened when I first saw Lola on our morning line up," Mrs Hynes said.

“Her grin was from ear-to-ear and she had a bubbling excitement she was trying to contain but it was too much, and she burst out with her amazing news.

“Even a week later Lola is still energised by her experience with fame," she said.

Despite her brush with fame Lola said her friends at school did not understand what all the excitement was about.

“Most of them don't even know who Kylie is, but when they heard what happened they were very excited," she said.

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