Inspiring inclusivity & nurturing student growth – visionary educator Bridget Canty-Walters


​​Mother Teresa Primary School Ormeau Early Career Teacher Bridget Canty-Walters.

There is a virtual community of teachers dedicated to fostering mutual growth and improvement, and it is the brainchild of Mother Teresa Primary School Ormeau Early Career Teacher Bridget Canty-Walters.   


Bridget is known both within her school community for her innovative educational social media pages for educators, and outside the community, for an online education forum she hosts.  


Her forum consists of a de-identified blog and Instagram page, which connects teachers with helpful resources on classroom management and design. 


Principal Leigh Mirto called the Year 1 and 2 teacher a educator of the future” and a “holistic teacher.”  


Bridget reaches out and connects with other teachers in learning communities of mutual growth and improvement,” he said. 


"Her Instagram page serves as a powerful platform for sharing best practices, innovative ideas, and practical resources that can transform classrooms into nurturing spaces where every student can flourish. 


She encourages teachers to prioritise social and emotional wellbeing alongside academic achievement, recognising that both are essential for students to truly thrive.  


"Bridget's dedication to reaching out and connecting with other teachers exemplifies her belief in the collective power of educators.  


She is a beacon of inspiration for teachers seeking to create inclusive and empowering spaces where students can reach their full potential. 


Bridget said she believes it is important every student has the opportunity to not just succeed - but thrive. 


“I've always aspired to establish a classroom where students can thrive academically while also fostering their social and emotional growth within an environment which connects and engages them," she said.  


“I started a blog and an Instagram page to help inspire other teachers to take their teaching practices and classrooms to the next level, creating inclusive and empowering spaces for students to thrive. 


“As teachers, we don’t want to just teach a child, we want to look after them holistically, ensuring their social, emotional, spiritual, academic, and physical needs are met, and this is what my blog promotes.” 

308804366_2906621942977991_8810175349363482502_n (1).jpg

Bridget’s classroom Calm Space.

The Principal said some of Bridget's most notable teaching practices include her co-created classroom octopus, which serves to promote class accountability and fairness. 


“We are proud of Bridget co-constructed learning walls for students, with the walls becoming an accessible reference for students to work out where they are at with their learning and what they need to do to move to the next level,” he added. 


"These innovative strategies and tools empower students to not only thrive academically but also nurture their emotional growth, fostering emotional wellbeing.” 

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​Bridget shares creative ideas with other teachers on her Instagram page. 

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