Brett Jones makes waves as a community focused Principal


Unity College Caloundra West Principal Brett Jones with students. ©Brisbane Catholic Education, Unity College, Caloundra West (2024).

Taking on his largest leadership role as Principal of Unity College Caloundra West this year, Brett Jones, knows how to make a splash in the community.  
Having recently began volunteering as a lifesaver, he is not only diving into a new community role, but also the heart of his new College community. 
With a student population of 1460 spanning from Prep to Year 12, Brett is prepared to make an even bigger splash through his profound commitment to serving others. 
Brett said under his leadership he is determined to ensure Unity College remained an excellent educational option on the Sunshine Coast. 
"Unity College is a big community, but it's one that exudes a sense of unity and peace,” he said. 
“It’s been wonderful to get to know my new College community across Term 1, and learn from staff, teachers, and parents about what makes Unity College such a special place. 
"I’ve come to realise Unity College is in an incredible position. 
“We're a vibrant and thriving faith-filled community." 
Brett adds that one of the most rewarding aspects of his role as Principal is actively engaging with students and the wider community.  
“I am certainly the type of Principal who finds interactions with students intrinsically rewarding” he said. 
"Daily, as I move around the campus, I genuinely value the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the Junior Phase (Prep to Year 6) students. 

"I can also find myself immersed in discussions with young adults who are on the brink of embarking on their post-school endeavours.  

“It's during these moments that I truly witness the entirety of the educational journey unfolding right here on campus.” 

Brett said he had always been interested in the stories of others and “appreciates the opportunity to learn with my students through their involvement in College life”. 
"Whether it's coaching netball or soccer, managing a rugby team, or attending Year 6 Camp and Year 12 retreat, these interactions bring me immense joy,” he said.  
Beyond the school gates, Brett has also recently commenced volunteering as a lifesaver at Bulcock Beach. 
“I am loving living in this local community,” Brett said. 

"Although I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone for lifesaving training, I am reminded that learning is lifelong.  

“I have always had a passion for serving others in the community, and while this is a new way, I am especially proud to have my daughter Sophie by my side as we volunteer together. 

"I hold a deep-seated passion for fostering inclusivity within Unity College, striving to create an environment where students, staff, and parents alike are empowered to engage and contribute meaningfully.” 

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