Acts of kindness create agents of change

​​​​​Southern Cross Catholic College, Woody Point Campus students, Bethany and Santiago, were delighted to hear their postcards brought joy to people's lives

STUDENTS from Southern Cross Catholic College, Woody Point Campus, have learnt how simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life.

During Catholic Education Week (CEW), the students from Years 3-6 took part in a postcard drop, where they wrote messages of encouragement and kindness on hand-drawn postcards and delivered them to their campus neighbours.

The postcards included drawings, jokes, and uplifting messages in a bid to make a positive difference to the spirits of their community, as the social impacts of COVID-19 restrictions continue to be felt.

Head of Campus, Mrs Aynslee Bale, said the postcard drop during Catholic Education Week​ was initiated in 2020 during the height of lockdown.

“Our Campus Leadership Team saw Catholic Education Week as the perfect opportunity to show compassion, reach out and spread the spirit of Catholic education to our neighbouring community," Mrs Bale said.

“This act of kindness was so well received we decided to do it once again in 2021."

Year 5 student Bethany received a letter back from one of the campus neighbours.

“I enjoyed writing my postcard, but I didn't think I would receive anything back," Bethany said.

“In my postcard I asked the neighbour how they were and how they were coping with COVID-19. I also gave the message to 'always be nice'. I felt really happy when I saw the letter they sent back to me.

“I like doing this so much that when I now ride to school, I make a letter before I leave, and on the way to school, I put it in someone's lucky letterbox."

Delivering the joyful postcards 

Santiago, also in Year 5, had his postcard re-posted to the Kindness Pandemic Facebook page.

“I felt happy that someone who really needed encouragement to continue, received my postcard," Santiago said.

“My Mum's friend sent me the message from the Kindness Pandemic and then we searched for her name, and we chatted to the lady online. It felt great to know that I have made someone's day special," he said.

Mrs Bale said students and staff never expect anything in return, however, for students to see how their simple acts of kindness can change someone's day, is powerful for them to continue to be change agents in their world.

“These postcard drops encourage students to think of others and their perspectives; to develop empathy and to spread the message of our Catholic faith," she said.

There are many aspects of the COVID pandemic that are out of an individual's control, however, individuals are also able to control the spread of care, concern and kindness, no matter what their age.

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