BCE Alumni shines at unmissable visual arts exhibition


​Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) alumni Jules Sta Cruz. Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art.​

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) alumni Jules Sta Cruz has captivated audiences throughout Brisbane with an intricate and multifaceted visual arts installation currently displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). 

After creating the artwork piece ‘A Vivid Retrospect’ as part of her visual arts studies in Year 12 at St Benedict’s College Mango Hill last year, Jules has been awarded a Creative Generation Excellence Award in Visual Arts.  
The prestigious award recognises and promotes excellence in senior visual art education throughout Queensland state and non-state schools, with the winning works on display at GOMA from April 27 to August 25. 
Jules describes her artwork as a multi-dimensional representation of her identity and the intersection of many converging influences on her personal journey. 
“Finding your identity is a dimensional and complicated journey. For me, facets of my identity build upon the influences of my Filipino-Australian background and the culmination of childhood memories and beliefs,” Jules said. 
Using digital and illusory techniques in the form of an agamograph, the artwork changes the image displayed depending on your position and perspective when looking at the piece. 
“Its versicoloured surface appears kaleidoscopic with the hues blending together, but specific colours reveal one of three layers,” Jules said.  
“The image under green light represents my journey and identity as an artist, from the singular stroke of the paintbrush to a non-representative self-portrait. Blue light, used to symbolise stability, reveals my cultural heritage and its significance to me, while red light, reflecting this country’s arid climate, alludes to the Australian values I have adopted.” 
After discovering her passion for drawing and creating cartoon illustrations from a young age, Jules said her visual arts study at school offered an opportunity to inspire her creative flame.  
“This was the first time I’d really explored outside of digital and traditional illustration. This was a huge step out of my comfort zone,” says Jules about her artwork process. 
“Our Visual Arts Teacher Ms Davis trusted me to find a way to weave all of these concepts together, which ended up with the final result.” 
“Having a student's artwork hung at GOMA is a huge honour and achievement, and Jules' work has really set a benchmark for what's possible," said Visual Arts Teacher Megan Davis. 
Megan encourages her Year 12 Visual Art students to push the boundaries and find alternate approaches to communicate their ideas.  
“Jules really rose to this challenge and I'm so grateful to have been a witness to her progress and talents over the course of her studies here at St Benedict's College." 
When reflecting on her artwork currently being displayed as part of GOMA’s Central Exhibition, Jules describes it as surreal and very rewarding.  
“I never thought as a kid starting out drawing that my artwork would ever be displayed in a prominent gallery such as GOMA. I couldn’t be happier and I’m very grateful.” 
Jules is currently in her first year of university, studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Animation at Queensland University of Technology. 
For more information about Jules’ artwork ‘A Vivid Retrospect’ and the GOMA exhibition click here. 
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