BCE Principal receives TeachX Award for innovative educational approach


Principal of Trinity College Beenleigh Allison Elcoate.

The Principal of Trinity College Beenleigh was announced as a recipient of a Queensland education award tonight (Thursday, 5 October).  
Allison Elcoate was presented with the Dr John Dwyer Excellent Leadership in Teaching and Learning Award at the 2023 Queensland College of Teachers TeachX Awards 

The award was for driving improvement and making meaningful contributions within her school community. 

Allison, one of five recipients, was praised for developing new learning and teaching practices, leading innovative educational approaches and methods, and curriculum enhancements.  

The Brisbane Catholic Education principal acknowledged her school staff team in her success, and her own desire to help young people achieve their dreams – a desire that she said has driven her throughout her career.  

“I find joy in helping students find their voice and develop their own individual aspirations,” she said.  

“I believe the students should be the biggest advocates for their own learning and I have made it my mission to advocate for young people to be the change-makers in their own education.” 

Allison’s unique approach includes the implementation of agile and social learning spaces and differentiated learning based on her students’ individual needs and preferences, and the promotion of learner agency. 

Trinity College Deputy Principal Craig Hirst, who nominated Allison for the award, said Allison’s new learning and teaching practices have reduced workplace intensification for staff.  

He also said he believes the award will set a standard of excellence for others to aspire to. 

"Allison’s dedication and innovative approach to education has truly transformed our institution fostering an environment where both students and staff thrive,” he said.  

Allison's leadership has improved student and staff wellbeing resulting in a positive school and workplace culture 

“Working with Trinity College educators over 18 months, Allison co-created learning and teaching practices our educators believe in while also fostering a profound sense of collective efficacy within the College. 

“The learning and teaching practices are tailored to the needs and demographic of our school and community, with our students now benefiting from an education which is both engaging and relevant to their lives and future aspirations. 

The Deputy said the agile and social learning spaces developed were "significant transformations Allison had initiated within the College community, granting students the autonomy to select their preferred learning methods within a single lesson.  

“This means students can decide if they want to receive direct instruction from their teacher or work independently throughout a lesson if they feel they have already grasped a concept,” he said.  

“Her commitment to providing students with greater control empowers each student to embark on their unique journey of improvement. 

“Allison has also championed targeted professional development opportunities for staff providing Trinity College educators the tools they need to assist any student. 

“She has also created a thorough strategic plan that considers the unique demands and problems of our diverse student body, which is already yielding positive results 

Allison’s win served as a testament to the positive influence and inspiration she has had on the lives of students and staff at the College.

BCE Senior Leader Paul Easton called Allison an excellent educator who led an improvement agenda at the College focusing on putting student learning needs at the centre of teacher practice. 

“Through this process, Allison empowered staff to lead and utilise their expertise to give students greater control of their learning,” he said. 
“This has resulted in greater use of teams to ensure learning is differentiated to meet all student needs.  

“In driving this work Allison has led by example with a clear passion and commitment to improving student outcomes. 

Allison works extremely hard to provide pathways for students at the College, so that each step a student takes at school, is a positive step towards their future careers and life beyond school.” 

About the Queensland College of Teachers TeachX Awards: 

The TEACHX Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of teachers in Queensland. 

Every year, teachers from across Queensland's schooling sectors and early childhood education and care services are nominated to share their stories and inspire colleagues. 

About the Dr John Dwyer Excellent Leadership in Teaching and Learning Award: 

The award recognises classroom teachers or school administrators who have taken leading roles in enhancing teaching and learning in their school or early childhood centre. 

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