BCE employee wins The RemServ Award for Excellence for championing student safety


BCE Employee Relations Lead ​Amy Cartlidge. 

In alignment with our commitment to safeguarding, Child Protection Week is the perfect opportunity for BCE schools and offices to focus on the importance of student safety, the role everyone has in keeping children safe and how to work together to build a culture of safety in BCE schools. 
At the recent BCE Excellence Awards 2023 which highlighted the exemplary achievements of our people, one of the many staff acknowledged for their talent, commitment and high achievements is Amy Cartlidge. In her role as Employee Relations Lead, Amy is an innovative member of the Employee Relations and Student Protection team.  
At a gala event on 23 August, Amy was awarded The RemServ Award for Excellence in a BCE Office Role for her contribution and achievement in the role and the difference she has made to the safety of students.  

Colin O’Neill, Manager Employee Relations and Student Protection, praised Amy in her nomination testimonial, saying Amy’s work directly resulted in positive outcomes for schools and students. 

“Amy has led foundational student safety and protection project work that has directly resulted in an enhanced and reshaped protection and safety of students,” he said. 
“The change and impact are real, and the projects Amy was instrumental in heading up were complex and challenging.  
Colin added that Amy had shown commitment, perseverance, and excellence in her work over the last five years and always strives to “be the best and do the best for the promotion and protection of BCE staff and students. 
“Amy has also gone about these activities in a quiet way, and her accomplishments are often behind the scenes.  
“There are challenging moments in the work we do, but Amy takes the time to smile, support and encourage the team.” 
Amy reflects on her foundational student safety and protection project work that has resulted in an enhanced and reshaped protection and safety of students.  ​

“After watching some of the previous award recipients and the truly extraordinary things they have done in our schools, I felt truly honoured to be recognised with a group of outstanding individuals who have such an impact on the lives of our students,” she says.  

“I love that everyone I work with is passionate about creating an environment for our students that gives them the best chance to reach their full potential.”  
Amy says she values Child Protection Week for the awareness it raises of the sad fact that young people are still subjected to abuse and neglect.  

“It’s a chance to call to action everyone to stand together against these behaviours,” she says.  

“It is also important because it is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary work of those individuals that dedicate their careers to protect our young people.  
“As a member of the Employee Relations and Student Protection Team at BCE, I see firsthand the difference these individuals make in the lives of our young people.” 
Child Protection Week is a time to promote the value of children and young people and focus attention on the issues of child abuse and neglect, including abuse prevention, treatment, research, education service provision and support for children, young people, and families. Child Protection Week events are run at a national and local level. 

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