BCE is ready to welcome 15 pre-service teachers out of the Spiritual and Pedagogical Accompaniment Program (SPA)


​​​SPA program graduate turned Practicum Student Teacher for St Ambrose's Primary School Newmarket Eliza Martin (centre).

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) will welcome 15 pre-services teachers in 2023 who are graduates of the 2022 Spiritual and Pedagogical Accompaniment Program (SPA). 
The SPA Program, established in 2019, provides targeted mentoring to assist pre-service teachers gain an understanding of what it means to teach in a Catholic setting and how to incorporate Catholic perspectives into their teaching.  
The program is a collaborative project between BCE and Australian Catholic University (ACU), along with the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba and a range of primary and secondary Catholic Schools in Brisbane and the Toowoomba Diocese.  
BCE’s Head of Catholic Identity, Alain Pitot said he would like to congratulate all who graduated from the SPA program this year. 
BCE welcomes high performers and recently qualified graduates who will be further supported by our Early Career Teacher program for their first two years and ongoing,” he said. 
BCE also supports people who seek to be teachers in our system, and this program helps prepare educators to teach within Catholic schools. 
I take great pride in being part of an organisation that supports pre-service teachers to make connections to their school, their students, and staff, as well as immerse themselves within our faith-filled learning communities prior to their block placements within their partner school. 
For those in the 2022 program, it brings me great satisfaction to hear they found the program insightful and meaningful and felt a sense of belonging to BCE school environments, and we are excited to welcome the 15 pre-service teachers who accepted placements within BCE schools, in Term 1 of 2023. 
To see so many graduates gaining placements within BCE schools since completing the program is a testament to BCE and ACU, as well as our partner schools who have put so much time and effort into ensuring this program is a huge success. 
“I wish all of the pre-service teachers joining BCE in 2023 all the best as they begin their teaching careers, and I know you are prepared for the school year having completed the 2023 SPA program!” 
From 2022, this tertiary partnership was extended to the Queensland University of Technology and Sunshine Coast University. ​ 
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SPA program graduate turned Campus Minister for Holy Spirit College Fitzgibbon Cameron Martyn (centre).

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