BCE student shares memories of senior year and aspirations for the future

St John’s College Nambour graduate reflection – Mikayla Ford  
In the famous words of anti-apartheid activist and politician Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.” 
As our final chapter of high school ends, the doors to life, the real world, with its endless opportunities and new possibilities, begin to unlock.  
My senior year was full of successes, emotions, hardships, learning, memories, and various highlights. 
Attending St John’s College not only as a senior student but also what we like to call a ‘Johnny,’ was both surreal and honourable.  

Our senior year commenced with an impressive start, as Principal Martin Moloney and Assistant Principal of Religious Education Marcus Pojtek became part of our vibrant College community.  

As the year progressed, our final year was rich with various whole-school activities, including St John’s College Day.  

Our final Year 12 retreat was full of excitement, forgiveness, friendships, and beautiful rituals that truly connected us as seniors of 2023. 

For me, a key highlight of my senior year was witnessing the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by St John’s College students and staff within the sporting realm.  

The engagement in sports was also extended to Netball and Rugby in 2023, acting as captains and coaches, as seniors we were able to witness true teamwork and hard work from the students and we took pride in mentoring. 

Throughout my senior years, I had the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Allied Health, which provided me with direct entry into the University of the Sunshine Coast. 
My aspiration is to be accepted into the Australian Catholic University for a dual degree in nursing and paramedicine.  
I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers, students, peers, friends, and my parents who have supported me, and loved me throughout my 13 years of schooling. 
It has been an unforgettable journey! 
Lastly, how could I forget the excitement of graduation?  
It is both an ending and a beginning, it is an accumulation of whole-hearted memories of the past and big dreams for the future. 

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