BCE students and staff working together to create a student-focused education system


​​2022 Student Voice Consultants at BCE Woolloongabba Office.


While most students are at the beach these Easter Holidays, a group of like-minded Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) students have joined together to discuss and develop plans to continue to grow the student voice initiative within BCE.  

The Student Voice Initiative seeks to directly engage with students to understand issues that impact them and develop strategies to co-create safe, inclusive, and engaging schools, where students are encouraged to listen, learn, and lead.   

The objective is to embed the voice of the students in day-to-day business within BCE at all levels of BCE, from the classroom through to organisational leadership & strategy. 

The first face-to-face meeting of Student Voice Consultants for 2022 took place in the BCE Woolloongabba Office, with 17 students taking part in the 2-day workshop.   

There is a commitment from the student voice team across the year to participate in a variety of forums, both online and in person to help grow student voice in their individual schools as well as across all levels of BCE.   

The role of the students in this team is to advocate for the views of their peers, be available for consultation by the Executive Leadership team and other areas in BCE, and focus on leading the delivery of outcomes directly linked to the student-voted priority for the year – with the 2022 priority being student Mental Health. 

The student voice initiative was piloted in 2017, with the first team of student voice consultants coming together in 2018.   
Since this time over 56 students and 20 BCE schools have been part of the consultant team, with some students returning year after year to continue to grow the student voice initiative and represent their BCE peers. 

BCE Student Protection Advisor Renee Devereaux said Student Voice encourages and teaches students to shape our world and become leaders of today. 

“Students have a unique perspective which really has the power to revolutionize BCE Education,” she said. 

“BCE is a community of 146 schools where students and staff partner together to contribute to a student-focussed education system that empowers students to shape and enrich our world.  

“We provide the tools to students to enable them to advocate for themselves and others and build capacity in them to lead change and encourage the authentic and active participation of students in decisions that affect them.

“Our students know their world best, and they know what works for them. 

“For me, it’s so rewarding seeing BCE students shaping their own education.” 

For more information about the Student Voice program click here. ​ 

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