BCE students code their way to success!

​Our Lady's College, Anne​rley students coding their way to success!

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) students are ready and raring to code their way through Term 3, with students invited to create their very own game as part of BCE’s Minecraft Education Edition World Build competition and upcoming eSports Gala Day. 

Students from Years 3 to 10 will create their own game throughout Term 3 in alignment with the principles of Minecraft World Creation: narrative, environment, features, functions and mechanics. 

BCE Executive Director, Dr Sally Towns, said coding is today’s language of creativity for students.

“The aim of the Minecraft Education Edition World Build competition is to bring game-based learning to our schools,” Dr Towns said. 

“The competition encourages a love of coding, which will l set students up for various Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. 

“It will also inspire schools to set up their own eSport Clubs and coding competitions with other BCE schools in their region. 

“Coding is becoming an essential skill for the future because it is a vital part of our new digital world. 

“Australian businesses are investing heavily in information and communications technology (ICT) and computer programming is a growing industry. By developing this competition, unique to BCE schools, we are helping to set up students for career success. 

“Coding requires lots of concentration and creativity, which stimulates the mind and gives students’ brains a workout. 

“Our students are exploring algorithms from Prep so this is their opportunity to show us what they’ve learned and showcase their creativity while creating a fun and engaging game. 

“With so many benefits to practicing to code, I encourage BCE schools to sign up and be part of this year’s competition.” 

As part of the competition students will develop 2 to 4 player games, based on the completion of quests, questions, or points. 

The game the students develop needs to be curriculum based on something they’ve learnt throughout the school year. 

The competition aligns to both the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies and the Design and Technologies 

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