BCE students experience a science lesson in construction


Donning hi-vis vests and hard hats, Prep students at Holy Cross School Wooloowin recently embarked on a science lesson while visiting a historic northside Brisbane site about to be redeveloped. 

The visit aligning with their Term 4 science curriculum, was to the historic Sisters of Mercy Laundry site which is being transformed into a series of high-end townhouses apartments, and luxury homes. 
To kick off their day, the students received a safety briefing from the staff at Cedar Woods Properties – Greville and Greyburn Constructions.  
Holy Cross School Principal Simon Mahaffy said his schools partnership with the developers of the townhouses, Cedar Woods’ Greville, provided a unique opportunity for students to witness real-world applications of concepts they are learning about. 
“As they explored materials and their properties in the classroom, they can observe firsthand how these principles are put into practice within a construction site,” he said. 
“This practical exposure enriches their understanding of science and fosters a sense of curiosity and engagement, making science a memorable and meaningful part of their education. 
“The visit to Greville also saw them learn why the old Mercy Laundry site is important, linking to their classroom learning about places.” 
Holy Cross School Prep student Eve said she saw “wood, concrete, and pipes,” throughout the construction site tour. 
Holy Cross Primary School Assistant Principal and Prep teacher Michelle McClafferty said the students were excited to learn and ask questions about materials, what they were made from and why they were used 
“Walking along what will soon become the streets of Greville, students also saw the homes up close with the materials in place,” she said. 
“The students cannot wait for their next excursion to the site.” 
After the onsite tour, the Preps were treated to morning tea and colouring in.  
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