Brisbane Catholic Education supporting life-long learning of employees


​Assistant Principal Religious Education at St​ Matthew’s School Cornubia​ Catherine Connors​​. Image credit: Australian Catholic University.

One of Catherine Connors favourite quotes attributed to Albert Einstein is “the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.” 

For the Assistant Principal Religious Education at St Matthew’s School Cornubia the words were a powerful driver when she made the decision to apply for the 2021 Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) Employee Scholarship Program early last year. 

As an organisation, BCE is committed to supporting the life-long learning of employees, and a key focus of the current BCE Strategic Plan is to build staff capability.  
Each year, BCE supports employees towards achieving their career aspirations through further studies and will continue to offer scholarships in 2022 with this aim in mind.   
This year, two new scholarships are on offer to BCE employees; Innovative Learning Design and Career Development and Counselling.  
Other scholarships offered to BCE employees include The Teaching of Psychology, Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and support for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students in the Inclusive Education Scholarship.  
Catherine said the BCE Employee Scholarship Program provided her with a wealth of experiences and knowledge that assist her in her current role. 
I’ve been lucky enough to have received support through the BCE Scholarship Program for part of my post-graduate studies,” she said. 
Over the last five years, I’ve completed a Master of Religious Education as well as a Master of Educational Leadership with BCE contributing financially towards six of my 24 units. 
Thanks to the BCE Program, I have experienced some of the most powerful learning experiences in my career and been given opportunities I never would have dreamed of.  
I’ve made connections, through my study, that continue to provide me with people to seek guidance from, to push boundaries with, and to dream alongside. 
I really like working for an organisation that sees the value in and is willing to invest in the development of their employees.” 

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