Christ the King students all on board for NAPLAN


​​Christ the King School Deception Bay students constructing their 'Bump it Up Walls' with teacher Telina Blackburn.​

It’s smooth sailing for the students and teachers of Christ the King Catholic Primary School Deception Bay, ahead of this week’s NAPLAN test (15 to 27 March). 

The Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school’s Year 3 and 5 students are test ready, said Principal Alish Conley.  

She shared that the school saw a significant improvement across all NAPLAN test areas for their Year 3 and 5 students last year. 

“One of the things we champion across all our classrooms is our ’Bump it up Walls’ - a visual display of different levelled writing samples that show what successful writing looks like,” she said. 

“The walls, created by the students, allows them to compare and ‘bump up’ their writing to achieve their writing goals, allowing students to analyse and discuss successful writing samples and how it could be better. 

“Our goal is for our 14 classroom teachers to be transparent with our students about where they are at with their reading and writing, which is important for student progression. 

“We find the data walls are a great way to create students who are active learners and in control of their own success.” 

The Principal said a school culture which values classroom learning time is important, and that students are goal focused.  

“We’ve also worked hard to peel back on unnecessary things to protect teaching and learning time, so our students are provided with uninterrupted learning environments,” she added. 

“Every student would be aware of their own reading and writing goals for 2023, and what they need to do to accomplish them. 

“Whether it be practicing more complex sentences, using ambitious vocabulary, or improving their punctuation, they know what they need to do to improve their writing.” 

Primary Learning Leader Sophie Morris said developing students’ writing stamina was another focus area for the school. 

“Our students focus on their individual reading and writing goals across all subject areas,” she said. 

“In every class our students go through writing samples together, discuss them as a class and reflect on how they can make their writing better.” 

Parent Mick Korte said his daughter Valentina, now Year 4, was so well prepared for NAPLAN in 2022. 

“Valentina was so well prepared for NAPLAN thanks to the teachers at Christ the King who are invested and passionate about delivering quality education to all students,” he said. 

“As parents we were relieved to know there was no cramming of information in the lead up to NAPLAN. 

“She was not overwhelmed at all by the testing, which is a testament to BCE’s commitment to creating assessment capable learners year-round. 

“The whole NAPLAN experience felt like another series of school days for her.” 

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