Wellbeing focus for bush trip

​​​School leaders enjoyed time out with the Gone Bush Adventures crew

WHEN you take time to replenish your spirit it enables you to serve others with the overflow.

​These words from inspirational writer Eleanor Brownn resonated with 13 BCE Principal and School Leaders who took time out from their busy schedules to recharge their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The leaders engaged in a three-day nature-based adventure in the World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park during the last week of Term 2.

Brisbane Catholic Education's Organisational Development team collaborated with Gone Bush Adventures to offer the fully facilitated Wellbeing experience that included day long bushwalks as well as hearing key insights from Uncle Paul Callaghan into leadership and wellbeing through the lens of Aboriginal philosophy and spirituality.

Now in its third year, the wellbeing program aims to prioritise the renewal and enrichment of school leaders, the strengthening of their support networks and bonds with other school leaders to enhance their sense of wellbeing on a personal, spiritual and professional level.

Enjoying the serenity of the Aussie bush

Comments from participants included: 

“Journeying with Gone Bush has been an absolute privilege; from the start of preparation the purpose, equipment needed, and itinerary was clear, until the end - where we celebrated in communion together over lunch. Relationships were built quickly, trust developed, and openness of mind, body and spirit allowed for sharing of story and personal growth and reflections. The (Gone Bush) team are passionate and positive in what they do. Everything is done with love and purpose!" 

“Outdoor experiences of seeing, feeling, listening, doing allowed me to completely remove myself from the huge work demands and long hours that I give to my role. I have learnt so much and feel so blessed for these days with a wonderful group." 

“I have walked away fulfilled for my wellbeing." 

“Wellbeing - exceptional in all areas. Well planned, invitational - non pushy, allowed for openness to each person's journey, consideration to reflecting on my own life of wellness." 

“I hung off every word Uncle Paul said. Each time we paused I could not wait for the next gem of wisdom. Such simple language brought deep connection and meaning." 

“The setting for this adventure was magnificent - to have Luke's vast knowledge and connection to land being shared was amazing - The sense of awe and being in presence of this place was heart filling." 

“An exceptional short wilderness adventure that celebrates our land and culture." 

“My determination is to live and lead in colour!" 

“A great investment in personal and professional wellbeing." 

“Essential program for all leaders to participate in. It is a program that really challenges you to consider all aspects of one's wellbeing and to reflect on the journey one is on. Most spectacular scenery, while embarking on walks that are exciting and at times challenging. Also - food hospitality, genuine engagement. Staff (were) outstanding. Thank you!" 

“Working with Gone Bush is an intensely personal experience - all achieved in a group context. I didn't expect to learn so much about our world and my place in it."

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