Double trouble or twice as nice – say that three times!


​Bli Bli twins kick off their learning journeys together at Good Samaritan Catholic College

It will be double trouble or twice as nice for teachers at Bli Bli’s Good Samaritan Catholic College this year as three sets of twins start school for the first time. 
Principal Greg Myers said identical twins Arlo and Asher Cowan, Bodhi and Dakoda Cross, and Darcy and Khloe Hunter couldn’t be more excited to go to “big school”. 

“Starting prep is a milestone moment for not only the students but their families too,” Mr Myers said.  

“The prep teachers and I feel very privileged to be able to walk through the gates with them for the first time, literally and figuratively, as they kick off their learning journeys with us.” 

Peter, dad of Arlo and Asher, said the twins have been eager to do what the big kids do.   

“They have their older brother and sister that go to the school also, so they’re both really excited to go along with them,” Peter said.  

Peter said they chose to put Arlo and Asher in the same class for the first year to keep their confidence high.  

“They’re very good friends, but they’re also quite independent on their own journeys.” 

Following the footsteps of Principal Myers who was previously Principal at neighboring BCE school Unity College, the family also transferred from Unity College to Good Samaritan Catholic College in 2019 – the twin’s older sister Taylah being a foundation student.  

“We were after acreage, so we actually secured spots in the school before we signed for the house.”  

“Taylah will go into Year 5 this year. So we’ll be putting all five kids through this P-12 College.”  

And while the teachers may be seeing double, three times, Principal Myers said, “at Good Samaritan, the unique journey and success of each and every student is celebrated”.  

The triple-doubles are among 81 prep students to join Good Samaritan Catholic College in 2022, and more than 7,450 preppies starting their learning journeys at a Brisbane Catholic Education school.  

“Our early years programs are all about inspiring a real joy in learning. So much growth happens in one year, and I take great joy in hearing from our youngest learners as they progress,” Principal Myers said.  

Good Samaritan Catholic College is a comprehensive co-educational Prep to Year 12 Catholic school that opened in 2019 with 172 Prep to Year 3 and Year 7 students.  

Now in its fourth year, the College is growing rapidly in enrolments and year levels. Principal Myers said this year will see an almost full house with classes from Prep to Year 10 for the first time and an enrolment of 830 students. The first students will graduate Year 12 in 2024. 

“The staff, students, parents and I all have a strong sense of pride as we continue to build the College from the ground up – setting the standards for the future and instilling traditions that will last for decades,” Principal Myers said.   

“It’s been an absolute joy to witness our school become an integral part of Bli Bli and surrounding areas, as well as witness our students within the school grounds and the wider community put our motto, ‘Journey with Compassion’, into action every day.”  

It’s an exciting year for the College as it moves into stage three of a five stage master plan.  

“This year will see the construction of an additional 27 classrooms, three additional science labs, four arts rooms and two Industrial Technology and Design rooms as well as additional amenities, parking and civic spaces,” Principal Myers said.   

“The Sunshine Coast continues to be a high growth area, and we are very proud to be able to accommodate the community’s education needs and the increasing number of families moving to the area who are seeking a Catholic education for their children.” 

“These growing numbers reflect the exceptional reputation our Catholic schools enjoy in their communities, both as centres of academic excellence and places where Catholic faith and culture are celebrated.” 

This year, enrolments in Brisbane Catholic Education schools are at an all-time record, with more than 77,000 students. This is an increase of 9% in the past 10 years.  

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