First Nations interns geared up to supercharge their IT skills in 2024


​Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) alumni students Aleya Smith and Max Kooreman.

In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, two former Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) alumni students Aleya Smith and Max Kooreman, are ahead of the rest. 
Throughout 2023, the duo took part in BCE’s first InformationTechnology (IT)traineeship for BCE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islandergraduates, a program to help First Nations students build knowledge and hone their skills within the IT discipline. 
One of the highlights of their traineeship was recently leading the testing and deployment of 500 laptops to BCE staff as a part of a device roll out.  
BCE’s Chief Information Officer Leigh Williams says Aleya and Max have paved the way for other First Nations trainees. 
“They are proof of the endless capabilities of BCE graduates,” she says. 
“Their skillsets, ideas, energy and passion have been motivating and inspiring for our IT department.” 
Under Leigh’s guidance, the pair now have 400 hours of on-the-job experience in the first year of their traineeship and will graduate from their BCE-funded Certificate III in Information Technology later this year. 
Aleya and Max have only a handful of hours left to complete in their logbooks for their Certificate III in Information  
They now get to choose which IT department they’d like to work in during 2024. 
Aleya, a former Mt Maria College Mitchelton student, says she’s set her sights on the School Technology team.  
“I’ve loved discovering the variety of roles and how they interact across the organisation,” she says.  

“This has allowed me to realise my passion within the IT space, which is to create process maps which are diagrams that form a visual representation of processes and workflows.  

“I am looking forward to getting the full BCE Business Engagement experience in 2024.” 

Aleya says she’d like to work in BCE’s IT Support area in the future, replacing monitors and computers.  

Former Mt Maria College student and Biripi man Max Koorman says he relishes the prospect of working with the technology that helps maintain IT connectivity in 146 schools. 

“I will be joining BCE’s School Technology Services in 2024,” he says. 

“I find maintaining school wifi networks interesting. 

“I am looking forward to supporting BCE’s schools next year and helping them with all their wifi needs.” 

Max said working on the three-month laptop deployment project was a highlight of his year.  

“I loved helping people and setting up computers and I enjoyed interacting with staff face to face,” he says. 

“The process taught me to be patient and also allowed me to get to know a lot of BCE staff members very quickly.” 

In the future, Max sees himself continuing to help people using IT and says working at Microsoft would be his ‘dream job.’  

Leigh added both Aleya and Max had ‘wowed’ her. 

“It has been incredible to witness their journey from school to the real-world,” she says. 

“They are examples of what BCE students are capable of after school, delivering on various IT projects and providing invaluable insights and improvements to our IT processes. 

“They played a significant role in our recent device rollout including testing and deploying laptops and maintaining and improving accessibility standards and User experiences within BCE’s Intranet. 

"They were also instrumental in the success of BCE's Minecraft Tournament this year, playing an important role in the execution and success of the days. 

“They set the standard for other BCE students that dedication and passion can lead to remarkable achievements in IT. 

“I hope to witness their continued growth and success in IT both at BCE and beyond.” 

About the InformationTechnology (IT)traineeship for BCE’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islandergraduates: 

In line with BCE’s commitment to Reconciliation, the traineeship aims to help First Nations students build knowledge and hone their skills in their favoured IT discipline.  

The traineeship is full-time for two years with the first 12 months focused around four key areas of IT, followed by a year in the field of their choice.   

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