Get to know some of BCE's Prep teachers - Dina Nona


​Mater Dei Catholic Primary School Ashgrove West Prep teacher Dina Nona with students.

In her 11th year as a teacher, Mater Dei Catholic Primary School Ashgrove West Prep teacher Dina Nona is known at the school for her warm and welcoming approach to school life. 

Dina was born in Iraq and moved to Australia at the age of eight and says she felt inspired to become a teacher so she could help students like herself. 

“When my family first moved to Australia, I started school not speaking any English,” she said. 

“Throughout my education I encountered so many supportive and nurturing teachers who celebrated my uniqueness, and this inspired me to become a teacher and help others.” 

Coming from an Iraqi background, Dina said she loves to share her culture and hobbies with her students. 

“I love to do hands on practical learning with my students,” she said. 

“I have a passion for baking which is something I love to share with my students.” 

When speaking about her love for being a Prep teacher, Dina said she loves seeing the amazing growth of her students in their first year. 

“As they grow and learn in my classroom, I want all my students to realise how beautiful and important they are,” she said. 

“My wish for my students is to be effective, independent, lifelong learners who have a love of learning.”​ 

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