Siena Catholic Primary School students lace up for the less fortunate


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Students at Siena Catholic Primary School Sippy Downs laced up their shoes for a very important cause ahead of Easter (28 March). 
Gathering on their school oval for their annual Laps for Life and Laundry fundraiser, the students raised money and awareness for the most vulnerable members of both the local and global community. 
To help raise funds students walked laps around the school oval for one hour, symbolising the distances many children traverse daily for necessities like water or education. 
Siena Catholic Primary School Principal Glen Bucklar said to support fundraising efforts, students will embark on a meaningful journey by walking laps around the school oval for an hour, each carrying buckets of water.  
“This symbolic gesture mirrors the daily distances endured by countless children in their pursuit of basic necessities such as water and education,” he said. 
Glen Bucklar said his school's Laps for Life and Laundry fundraiser is about more than just raising funds, it is about instilling a lifelong commitment to social responsibility in his students. 
“By supporting those in need our students not only make a difference in the lives of others but also cultivate a deep sense of compassion within themselves,” he said. 
"At Siena Catholic Primary School we strive to nurture global citizens who understand the importance of giving back to their community. 
“By engaging in initiatives like this fundraiser, our students develop essential skills and values that will shape them into compassionate, socially conscious individuals. 
“We at Siena have so much to be grateful for and it is our duty to assist our poor this Easter, as shown by Jesus in his mission on earth. 
“We are all created in God's image and therefore we believe every person should be gifted dignity and basic human rights.” 
In 2023 students raised over $13,000 at the Laps for Life and Laundry fundraiser. 
The funds raised will now support vital organisations such as Caritas, St Vincent de Paul Society, Orange Sky Laundry, and the local homeless BBQ. 
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