Unity College student receives perfect ATAR score


​Unity College Dux Hayley Murphy. ©Brisbane Catholic Education, Unity College, Caloundra (2024)

In a remarkable triumph, Hayley Murphy, a 2023 graduate of Unity College Caloundra, now stands as not only the school's DUX but also boasts an impressive ATAR of 99.85, placing her among the top 100 students in the state.  

Unity College Principal Brett Jones expressed his profound pride in Hayley’s remarkable achievement, highlighting the community's joy in celebrating such outstanding success.   

"Hayley’s dedication and perseverance exemplify the spirit of our College,” he says.  

“Our community is proud of each and every student that graduated first and foremost, for who they are as people and of course their achievements. 

“I also hope that our excellent staff, who work tirelessly to support our students to reach their full potential as learners and people, take time to reflect on some of the amazing results achieved, a testament to the teaching and learning programs at our College.” 

Hayley says she was in disbelief when she first saw her ATAR score.  

"I was aiming high, but I didn’t expect to get an almost perfect score," she says. 

"I did work hard, but I didn’t want to set my expectations too high, which was why it was such a surprise.”  

With her sights set on the future, Hayley aims to pursue her dream of becoming a science journalist.  

“I have accepted a position at the Queensland University of Technology’s advanced Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics,” Hayley says.  

Brett says Unity College students excel in various fields and pursue a variety of careers post-graduation.  

“Unity College fosters a community of united and inspired individuals who are not only well-prepared for success in their chosen fields but who are also committed to making a positive difference in our world,” he says. 

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