Leading the way - Aleisha Connellan is ready to inspire and empower her new school community


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“Every child has the right to a high-quality education and qualified, committed teachers who advocate for them daily,” – Principal Aleisha Connellan. 

With an unwavering dedication to fostering a love for learning in every child, Aleisha Connellan, the newly appointed Principal of Our Lady of the Way School Petrie, is ready to inspire and empower her new community. 
In her new role, Aleisha says she is enthusiastic about fostering authentic connections with students and staff. 
“I’m looking forward to becoming part of a strong collaborative team that shares my commitment to high quality education, nurturing leaders of tomorrow,” she says. 
“I am passionate about supporting all students to develop their foundational reading and writing skills,” emphasising the importance of good literacy exposure for all. 
With a teaching career spanning over thirty years, Aleisha says she has witnessed many changes in her time as an educator. 
Significant changes include the move to a national curriculum and introduction of NAPLAN testing,” she says. 
Well-resourced meant CD players and one television shared among numerous classrooms, a far cry from the access to powerful devices that teachers and students have today. 
“I remember the excitement of students using the first Apple computer in the school, it was mind blowing at the time.” 
When asked what she wished people would understand about teachers, Aleisha added, Good teachers are lifelong learner
Teachers understand that teaching is relational and requires consistent demonstrations of compassion and patience,” she says. 
“They know that good teaching and learning practices combined with understanding how their students learn creates engaging lesson delivery where every child can and will learn.” 
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