Kind kids this Christmas - Students raise funds to gift new class to Brisbane school


St Sebastian's Catholic Primary School Yeronga students

When kids get together it's amazing what they can achieve and entrepreneurial students at five Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) schools have proved just that, with a very unique fundraising drive that's proving it really is the season of giving.

The result of the fundraiser has allowed the students to gift a new Entrepreneurship program to a fellow BCE school. 

Students at Holy Cross Primary School (Wooloowin), Holy Spirit Primary School (New Farm), St Agatha's Primary School (Clayfield), St Peter Chanel Primary School (The Gap) and St Sebastian's Primary School (Yeronga) created online stores using products from teenage entrepreneurs.

The students could choose to create either a candle shop – with candles supplied by 13-year old entrepreneur Andrea Fysentzou from Brisbane – or a fidget spinner shop with fidgets supplied by 16-year old Kai Seymon from Melbourne.

First Pivot, which runs entrepreneurial classes in primary schools across Queensland, hosted the shops free online. All up, $3,700 was raised, helping to fund a full term Inspire Entrepreneurship class at Our Lady of Fatima school at Acacia Ridge.

First Pivot CEO Jim Schuman said creating value for others and solving real world problems is a powerful form of education.

“Students learn that successful entrepreneurship isn't just about starting companies; it is a set of skills, a way of thinking, it's passion and community impact, too," he said.

“Schools offer a range of performing arts, sports and instrumental music lessons but it's important we help them develop some 21st century skills too. With over 40% of young Australians saying they want to be an entrepreneur when they grow up, this is the sort of project that needs to become the norm in Aussie schools."

The Principal at St Agatha's Primary School Anne-Marie Maw said the project is providing students with the opportunity to learn about how they can make a difference and turn their ideas into actions.

“We've had the program running for the entire year and in addition to the fidget business, we have students who are working toward launching a Pedal Powered Smoothie business as well as a Puffer Jackets For The Poor business," she said.

"The children are very excited to tackle a project that will help other kids their age and others. By giving this program to another school, they're allowing these kids the opportunity to learn skills they may not have learned and it can change the path the kids may travel."

The Principal at Our Lady of Fatima Damian Gambley said they were extremely grateful for the class gift.

“We are so delighted to receive this new program. It's something our students are looking forward to next year, it will be a real highlight on our calendar," he said.

“Not only will our students learn entrepreneurship skills that can give them the tools and the confidence to turn their ideas into reality, but they have also been shown a lesson in kindness. To know other students wanted to help them, that is powerful – and kindness is infectious. When you're on the receiving end, you want to pass it on. This generous gift has started a kindness chain that will certainly continue."

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Holy Cross​ Wooloowin entrepreneur program students​

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