Meet the BCE College Captains creating a better future for their school communities!


​2023 School Captains St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge.

Taking on the new school year, some of Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) school leaders tell us about their mission and vision for 2023. 

Mary MacKillop College Nundah 

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Maddie Dickie and Neeve Sutton  
As we begin 2023, we commence our year of Unity at Mary MacKillop College (MCC). While the definition of Unity encompasses the terms ‘oneness’ and ‘sameness’ we understand this word to be much more complex, as it represents the united community we share at Mary MacKillop College (MMC). 
As we are guided this year by the theme of Unity, we recognise the many ways in which we 
can join together as one to strive for a common goal, ultimately aiming to reach our potential. To bring this theme to life, it is our goal to foster the connections that bind our College and lead many events and initiatives which may engage all year levels throughout our College and encourage our peers to step out of their comfort zones.  
We are excited to journey through our year of Unity and to see how we can together promote positive growth and development within our College community. 
St Augustine’s College Augustine Heights 

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Charles Cooper 

I wanted to become a College Captain so I could leave my mark on our school history and push myself to see what I can accomplish. 

I want to be an inspiring role model to my grade, peers, and all younger students. I want them to know, no matter what challenges they may face in life, they can still push forward to achieve the best they can. I want to make St Augustine’s College a school that creates and promotes students that push themselves and others to be the very best that they can be. 

Mischa Kalic 

Being a College Captain has actually been a goal of mine for a while now. I love to be involved in all areas of school life and I want to help bring Prep to Year 12 together. 

As a Captain I would really love to be a positive role-model for my community, and really encourage others to achieve their absolute best, even when things get hard. 

St Benedict’s College Mango Hill 

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Ronald Vaipuna 

The reason I wanted to become Captain was because I wanted to set an example to the younger students at our College, of what leadership means to me. 

As a Captain, I want to encourage my peers to act in service of each other and always being thankful for our lovely teachers. 

St B2.jfif
Cecille Miranda 

I was inspired by the responsibility and influence of the position of College Captain. For me it’s a great opportunity to lead my fellow peers through my actions, my goals, and my values. 

As Captain I want to bring together a College community that thrives in the prosperity of others; a community that is truly united, where everyone wholeheartedly strives to be the best version of themselves. I am so grateful for this opportunity to lead, encourage, and support others in their goals. 

St Francis College Crestmead 

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Jasmine Farimo 

For me, like many, becoming a College Captain comes with a backstory, filled with dreams, ambitions, and goals. I want to make those around me proud, such as my family, teachers, and my peers. I want to give back to a community that has given me so much. 

My dream is to be a Captain that demonstrates the important qualities of leadership, teamwork, and good communication. To help students interact and socialise, so they can build relationships and learn and create new things. Put simply to be part of a growing SFC community. 

Visal Da 

I wanted to become a College Captain so I could inspire the younger grades I am excited to represent the College by leading by example, showing all students and staff, respect, kindness, patience and empathy.  

One of my goals for 2023 is to help improve our College experience for all students, by advocating for their needs and vision. I would also like to help look after our College environment and work on keeping our College running in a sustainable way, by following our Franciscan values. 

St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge  

St J Fisher.jfif
Prabhdeep Kaur and Charlotte Polinski 

College Captains are gifted the privilege of a platform to encourage the greater student community to work towards a common goal. For us as leaders, building those relationships and connecting with those around us, motivated us to apply for the position. We wanted to continue to support St John Fisher College’s sense of togetherness for others to live, love, and learn. 

As the College Captains of 2023, we want to lead with our hearts and hope our connections and service to others, will create an everlasting impact on the people around us. At St John Fisher College, we believe that kindness is key, and by modelling this as leaders, we hope to create a relationship of trust and compassion with the student body. Knowing kindness is never wasted, all it takes is one small act to change someone’s life. 

Trinity College Beenleigh 

Madeleine Lang and Ky Ahpene 

We are Ky and Madeleine, and we are honoured to serve as the Trinity College Captains for 2023. 

The focus of our College Senior Leadership team is to ignite hope, and inspire change, to enhance the sense of family spirit within our community, in a Marist fashion. With inclusiveness high on our agenda, we are excited to connect more intentionally with the younger students at the College, creating a culture of togetherness. We also hope to inspire and encourage, to be a voice for solidarity, and add to our broader school community in 2023. 

Holy Spirit College Fitzgibbon  ​

HSC 2023 Leaders L to R Alpheus Anish, Charlie Herd, Aston Rice, Tristan Shoring.jpg 
Caption: Alpheus Anish (Deputy College Leader), Charlie Herd (College Leader), Aston Rice (College Leader), Tristan Shoring (Deputy College Leader). 
As a new Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school, opening its doors in 2022, Holy Spirit College has just commissioned its second ever Student Leadership Team.  
When asked about their vision for leadership at Holy Spirit College during 2023, the Year 8 College Leaders Charlie Herd, and Aston Rice, and College Deputy Leaders Alpheus Anish, and Tristan Shoring, had the following to say about their vision for the College: 
“Our team goal is to make all people feel included in the leadership of the College,” - Alpheus Anish, Year 8. 
"It is our mission to make sure that all people feel safe and valued at school each day and be the best they can be," - Charlie Herd, Year 8. 
"We encourage all people to feel comfortable and take the opportunity to lead," - Aston Rice, Year 8. 
"We want to make more extracurricular activities at the school and ensure that THEY are well-subscribed," - Tristan Shoring, Year 8. ​

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