Meet the BCE College Captains taking on 2023!

​​2023 School Captains Our Lady's College Annerley. 

Some of Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) school leaders tell us about their aspirations and intentions for their final year of education in 2023. 

 Carmel College Thornlands 

Emily Riesenweber 

The Carmel College motto, “let your light shine” has always resonated with me. I want to inspire students in all year levels to discover their own light and enrich their academic, cultural, religious and sporting life of our College. 

I also aim to work with other school leaders at Carmel College to ensure we build on the legacy of past staff, students, and members of the wider College community. 

Fletcher Winterburn 

I wanted to become a Carmel College Captain so I could have a positive input into my school and influence all members of the Carmel College community, to achieve to the best of their ability. 

In 2023 I want to work to enhance our schools’ reputation as a caring, inclusive, and supportive Catholic secondary school in the Redlands community. 

Clairvaux MacKillop College Mt Gravatt 


Ana Varayud 
I wanted to be College Captain so that I could make a difference.  

I also wanted to make an impact on the daily lives of students, not only with getting to organise some fun events for the school to enjoy, but also being able to be someone that is there to help other students, and make their voices heard within our school community. 

One of the things I really want to achieve as a Captain, is to create a larger sense of unity and community in our school, creating a place where the students feel supported, and feel like they belong.  

I also want to help students to make the most out of their high school journey, by encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities and school events. 

Edward Mahoney
I want to serve and give back to the school that has looked after me for almost six years. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my time at the College to be surrounded and supported by so many amazing teachers, staff, and students. 
When initially going for the position of College Captain because I wanted to contribute to an already great College community. 

Emmaus College Jimboomba  


Jaylah Millard 

The community life and support at Emmaus College is something I have always valued most during my time at this school. Having the chance to be involved in my school was what stood out to me and made me want to be College Captain. 

As Captain, I hope to help grow the community connection of the College even further, and to use my leadership role to serve throughout the College community, from the Preps to the Year 12s. 

Daniel Ryan 

I wanted to become College Captain because of the people and friends around me, who inspired me every day to serve and lead to the best of my ability. 

As Captain, I want to achieve true leadership - leadership through serving the community, not by empty words, but by actions. 

Mt Maria College Petrie

Mt Maria Petrie.jfif
Marissa Hanna 

My desire to become a Captain came from the influence of the previous College Captains who have been my biggest role models. I was always felt motivated to act as mature, responsible, and respectful as they were. 

My biggest aim as College Captain is to show humility and respect to all students at our school, so they see the brighter side of becoming a leader.
Emily Lohmann  

My main motivator for becoming College Captain was to make a difference to the lives of other students just like me - people that are not afraid to be themselves, even when faced with adversity. Even if I could simply be a friend to those who have none, I would deem the mission I set for myself successful. 

If I wish to achieve anything this year as College Captain, it would be to create a nurturing environment where I would have the privilege of seeing others flourish. 

Our Lady’s College Annerley 

Charlotte Dobson 

I hope that through this role I can encourage my community to celebrate what makes us different. I aspire for all Our Lady’s College Annerley girls to feel welcomed and supported to achieve their best. There is unity in our diversity, and I wish to carry and share this message as a College Captain. 

Merry Matthews  

We aspire to embrace our differences, honour the diversity within our community and enhance the inclusivity of our community. We will offer support and reach out both in our community and beyond, just as Jesus did to those in need. 

San Sisto College Carina 


Lana Holt and Peyton Hoare 

We are both very excited and grateful for the opportunity to be women of integrity, fulfilling our duties as leaders of San Sisto College.  

We will refer to our Catholic Dominican pillars and act with gratitude, mindfulness, and diligence. In our year as College Captains, we look forward to inviting students to engage in life at the College, encouraging a love of learning, respectfulness, and inclusiveness.  

We will continue to build upon the cordial sense of community here at San Sisto College and will help our girls to take advantage of our school‘s loving and accommodating atmosphere. ​

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