Painting by Ngutana-Lui tutor finds new home


​​Principal - Kim Davis, APRE - Oliver Blenkin and Year 6 leaders: Gabriela Vega De Seoane and Kyna Te Patu with 'His message is Gold' painting.

WHEN Ngutana-Lui cultural tutor, Robert Duncan, started his painting as part of a NAIDOC Week initiative, he wondered where it would finally find its home. 

We can now answer that question, it will be proudly displayed at Holy Spirit School in New Farm, Brisbane.

Holy Spirit School principal, Kim Davis, said she had consulted with Acting APRE, Oliver Blenkin, to select an artwork from the BCE NAIDOC Week art auction. 

They were looking for a painting which they felt would be a good match for their school and provide inspiration for students and staff.

“We were taken with the vibrancy of Robert's His message is gold painting and the story behind it:

The old rugged cross stood on a hill far away the emblem of suffering and shame.

Becoming Gods message is a journey, through trial and testing, through the twist and turns, it shines like gold.

Kim said the school was also keen to purchase the painting to show support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

“Having a painting by an Aboriginal cultural tutor from Ngutana-Lui in our school is a visible sign of our commitment to reconciliation," said Kim.

“Our students are excited about the purchase and already giving us their thoughts on where they think it should be displayed."

Kim said another factor influencing the purchase was the knowing the funds raised were going to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

“Our senior students have already had some engagement with the Foundation during the year, so we were happy knowing our purchase was supporting a great cause."

Robert said the idea for the artwork came to him as he started to paint.

“I saw the gold cross as the focus with our Brisbane Catholic Education colours in the background," said Robert.

“The rugged, gold cross reminds our teachers and students that God's message is gold and is part of everything they do," he said.

Robert is happy his painting now belongs to Holy Spirit School.

“It is nice to know it will be at a BCE school. I hope they hang it in a place where the students, teachers and families will see it regularly," said Robert.

“I hope it shines down and inspires people every day." 

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