Wise name for our new college

Sophia College, Plainland

Proposed plan for the new Catholic secondary school at Plainland​

BRISBANE Catholic Education has revealed the name of the new co-educational College in Plainland – Sophia College -  which will open in 2021.
All final approvals have now been received for Sophia College, which will open with three classes of Year 7 students before growing by one year level until its first cohort of Year 12 s​tudents graduates in 2026.
Executive Director Pam Betts said: “The name was derived from working with the local community, who told us that the college should espouse wisdom.
“Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom, which the New Testament applies to Jesus, the Son of God. Church tradition also associates Our Lady with wisdom in titles like Seat of Wisdom.
"The identification and location of new schools and colleges is firmly embedded in our strategic plan and Plainland has been on our program for some time now, so having the name confirmed is a major milestone for the school and the local community.”
The school will be a master-planned, 19-hectare learning community at the corner of Otto and Gehrke Roads.
Sophia College will offer academic and vocational pathways that meet the wishes of the local community in a region known as the “Salad Bowl” of Queensland. Plans include an eco-sciences precinct that will provide students a learning environment and resources catering for rural technologies, sciences and industries.
While Sophia College will be a Catholic secondary college, students do not need to be Catholic to attend. The school will welcome students from all backgrounds and will promote the values of faith, kindness, honesty and compassion. 

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