Robotics wiz - former BCE student places 3rd in the World for STEM science


​​​Hayden Lewis at the Vex World Robotics Compeition in Dallas, Texas.

After winning the Queensland State Robotics Competition and placing second in the Australian National Competition, former St Vincent’s Primary School Year 7 student Hayden Lewis found himself in Dallas Texas for the Vex World Robotics Competition. 

The former Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) student competed against 3000 teams from across the globe from 36 nations, with Hayden’s team making it all the way to divisional finals, where he placed third in the world.   

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Hayden Lewis (Right) with teammate at the Vex World Robotics Compeition.

St Vincent’s Primary School Principal David Sewell called it a “huge accomplishment” for both Hayden and the St Vincent’s Primary School community, who helped prepare Hayden and other members of his team for the global competition this year. 

"At St Vincent’s Primary School, we place a huge focus on STEM science and preparing our students for success in high school and beyond,” Principal Sewell said. 
“We work to be ahead of the game, keeping on top of all things STEM science.  
“Hayden’s recent global win at the Vex World Robotics Competition is a tribute to both our STEM specialist Teacher Sharon Ricardo, who worked with Hayden this year and throughout Year 6 to prepare him for this global competition, as well as our school’s investment in the most contemporary resources, equipment and time allocation for STEM teacher training. 
“Coding, robotics, and game development is also at the centre of our STEM and Digital Technologies curriculum, with designated STEM Specialist teachers for Years 4 to 6 helping foster our students’ talents and allowing students the opportunity to participate in robotics competitions globally. 
“It’s tremendously exciting for our school community to see so many of our former Year 6 students qualify for the Vex World Robotics competition, and even more amazing to see Hayden place third in the world. 
“I know Hayden has a very bright future ahead of him with a career in STEM, and I am glad our school can be part of his success. 
“I’d also like to say a big congratulations to former Year 6 student David Ricardo who also made it into the final qualifying rounds of the competition, where he placed 5th in his division, as well as former Year 6 students Finn Reynolds and Oliver Hurley who also qualified for the Australian National competition this year. 
 “With so many of our students seeing success in STEM, it is clear that if the future is in their hands, the future is looking bright.” 
St Vincent’s Primary School supported Hayden by facilitating as his practice venue for the Vex World Robotics Competition, while also assisting with his registration fee. 
For more information about St Vincent’s Primary School, Clear Island Waters click here. 
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Vex World Robotics Compeition world stage.

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