Students walk for justice

​St Andrew's students walk in solidarity for justice

​STUDENTS at St Andrew's School in Ferny Grove united in a Walk for Justice on Monday 13 September to raise money for the Grovely St Vincent de Paul Society Conference and The Kid's Cancer Project. 

The students took part in many challenges on their walk around the school raising more than $16,​000 to help support projects the two organisations do in the local community. 

Over the past 10 years the school community has raised more than $170,000 for various local charities.  

As staff and students prepared for the walk, Parish priest Fr Nigel Sequeria sent them off with a short reflection and prayer.  

Before he cut the ribbon to officially begin the Walk for Justice, Fr Nigel reminded the students not to forget the people they were walking for who were doing it tough not only in their own communities but around the world.  

As they walked the students were able to stop at stalls run by Year 6 students that included music motivation, justice artwork, justice quizzes, games and physical activities, water stations and some treats. 

Year 6 teacher Russell Bird said the aim of the social justice walk was to raise awareness by getting the school community to think about the difficulties others experience by doing something that was difficult for them. 

He said the idea was to challenge the hearts and minds of students each year with each class raising money through donations. 

“Every year the Year 6 students research and choose a charity alongside our local St Vincent de Paul to equally share the amount we raise," he said. 

“It's a day of action for the students so, rather than talk about doing something, we actually get in and physically do something for social justice causes that they are learning about through their religious education classes. 

Grovely St Vincent de Paul representative Denise Quinlan said they were very appreciative of the school's generosity over many years. 

She said the school's donations had been especially important over the past two years. 

“Because of COVID we weren't allowed to do any fundraising for over a year so the only money we got in 18 months was the money from St Andrew's justice walk," she said. 

“It was a real lifesaver for some of our clients. 

“We are eternally grateful for the support from St Andrew's and have been able to do so much good work with the money we receive from these very generous families," she said. 

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