The BCE spirit out in force over the weekend


​St Sebastian school community with Mark Bailey MP

Brisbane Catholic Education students across South East Queensland joined with their local school communities over the weekend to show their support to flood-affected families and the dedicated volunteers.  

From community barbeques, washing clothes to dog sitting – no task was too small in the fight to clean up.  

St Sebastians Catholic Primary School in Yeronga was one school whose community spirit shone.  

Acting Principal Angela Moore said, “a number of St Sebastian’s families and many close neighbours were affected by flooding, as well as the storms during the week which caused more damage”.  

“The St Sebastian’s families have rallied,” Mrs Moore said. 

“On Saturday morning we held a barbeque at the school. Teachers, parents and their children hit the flood damaged streets with sausages, ice-blocks, treats and water handed out to the hard-working volunteers and workers. 

“Our families have been assisting with cleaning mud from houses, washing clothes, dishes, baby-sitting and dog-sitting to enable the clean-up to progress. We also delivered sandwiches made by the Yeronga Community Centre. 

“I’m so proud of our school community – it’s been an amazing effort to pull together during these times in need, particularly when many of those who are volunteering have been personally affected themselves. This is the Catholic spirit at its best!” 

Brisbane Catholic Education Acting Executive Director Dr Doug Ashleigh said the past week has seen a “massive response from our entire school communities” after days of flooding which impacted on many Brisbane Catholic Education schools across the Archdiocese.  

“Principals have been amazing and so have our staff and families – a big shout out to everyone who worked really hard to get our schools operational again after the floods.”  

Dr Ashleigh said some schools had damage to buildings, no power supply, while others had access issues due to road closures. However, with an incredible effort, only three schools remained closed by the end of the week – St Joseph’s Primary School in Corinda and San Damiano College and St Clare’s Primary School, both in Yarrabilba.  These schools re-opened on Monday 7 March.    

Dr Ashleigh said the ‘Spirit of BCE’ had been strongly evident as schools and office staff worked together to respond to the challenges.   
“I know our schools will come back strongly,” said Dr Ashleigh.   

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in our school communities who are still struggling with the impacts of the flood. 
“It’s a wonderful honour and truly humbling to be a part of the BCE community.”  

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