Triple threat for St Francis College Preps


Four and five-year-olds across Brisbane were sleeping in their new uniforms with excitement to start ‘big school.'

But there was triple the excitement at St Francis College Crestmead, who boasts not one set of twins starting - but three.  

The super sibling sets are six of 900 students ready to start school at St Francis College in 2023, with the school year kicking off on Tuesday 23 January.  

The three pairs of twins from the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school will join for a special photo together on 19 January. 

Marsden mother Tiffany Long said her twins Charlie and Noah, age 4, are “so excited for big school.” 

“We’ve received their school hats and they won’t take them off,” she said. 

“The boys have gone to a few Prep transition days and have met with some of the other sets of twins. 

“But for them being a twin is such a normal thing, so they don’t really think much about being one of three sets of twins starting next year.” 

Principal John Marinucci, a parent of twins himself, said the triple enrolment takes him back in time.  

“My children were also one of three sets of twins when they started school in 2007, I’m having a déjà vu moment,” he said.  

“I’ve been in education for 36 years, and in my experience, you normally wouldn’t see three sets of twins starting in Prep, it is very special  

Some may say there’s something in the water, but whatever the cause, our school community feels blessed to have this many sets of twins enrolled to start Prep at our school.” 

For more information about St Francis College Crestmead and to enrol click here. 

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