Tween twosomes surge at St Peter Claver College


​St Peter Claver College Riverview students with Principal Bruce McPhee. Image copyright of Brisbane Catholic Education.​

Students will be seeing double as nine sets of twins start Year 7 at St Peter Claver College Riverview next week.  

The surge of tween twosomes is a first for the school, which is gearing up for the first day of school on Tuesday, 23 January.  


The nine sets of twins donned their new uniforms, taking in their new environment during a special school visit that included participating in science experiments and playing handball on Wednesday, 17 January.  


St Peter Claver College Principal Bruce McPhee says it’s unusual to see this many twins in one year level.  


“It would be out of the ordinary to see two or three sets, let alone nine,” he says.  


“Initially, we had eight twins enrolled and I was utterly astonished when we had a ninth pair enrol at the final hour.   


“Our College community feels incredibly fortunate and blessed to have an abundance of twins joining us in 2024.”  


Yamanto parent Nadine Savage says her twin daughters, Grace and Isabelle, are very excited to start Year 7 alongside the other sets of twins. 


“Their previous school only had one other set of twins in their Year level, so the girls are looking forward to making friends with the other twins,” she says.  


“We are very excited for them to be part of something bigger at St Peter Claver College.”  


The sets of twins are 18 of 1140 students ready to start school at St Peter Claver College Riverview in 2024.  


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