Experiencing life in Jesus’ time

Our Lady of Dolours Primary School
​​Staff and students dressed in the clothes worn during the time Jesus lived​
​OUR Lady of Dolours School, Mitchelton, returned to the past when Year 1 and Year 2 took part in “A Day in the Life of Jesus”.

Dressed in the clothes of the time, students had a fabulous day of authentic learning as they participated enthusiastically in all the wonderful activities their amazing teachers had organised for them.

Acting Assistant Principal for Religious Education Marie-Louise Stolberg said the students had been studying what life was like at the time Jesus was alive.

She said they had been looking at what the food, housing, and games people would have played were like in that part of the world.

“We also looked at the occupations of people at the time and how living during this time impacted on Jesus and his impact on it,” she said.

Marie-Louise said Throughout the day students were involved in a variety of activities that gave them an insight into life in the time of Jesus.

She said the boys and girls were separated which reflected the expectations of children back then.

The boys drew pictures of what a village in Nazareth would have looked like and then built one in the school sand pit.

They also made fishing rods, went fishing, played a game of “Shepherds and Sheep” and wrote prayers about something important to them.

The girls used clay to create pots and bowls and cups that would have been similar to the time of Jesus.

They also baked bread and created a God’s Eye using wool and sticks

Later the boys and girls joined together to celebrate with a feast

“It was a great day of learning for the children and they were so invested in everything they were involved in,” Marie-Louise. 

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