Successful appeal to help PNG school

St Joseph's School Bracken Ridge
In a random act of kindness Debbie Sibona and her fellow students filled 21 boxes with books and school items for struggling students in PNG

A FAMILY holiday to Papua New Guinea was such a wonderful experience for St Joseph's School, Bracken Ridge, student Debbie Sibona, she felt inspired to give something back.

While Debbie enjoyed visiting her extended family in her father's home village of Tubusereia, in Central Province, the lack of resources at the village school got the young girl thinking.

Upon her return to school, Debbie shared her holiday experience and photos with her Year 5 classmates.

The students were quite shocked to see so few books in the school's library.

They also were astonished when they heard their PNG peers had to read the same books over and over again, year after year, as that was all they had.

Debbie's classmates were keen to help out when she invited them to donate chapter books in good condition or new stationery items for the PNG students.

As this appeal fitted in so well with the school's year-long focus on the Three Gs: be giving; be generous; and be grateful, Debbie also made a short presentation at a whole school assembly.

Different year levels were asked to bring in specific items.

The younger children brought in playbooks and colouring pencils, while the Year 3 and 4 students donated red and blue-lined exercise books, lead pencils, sharpeners and erasers.

The older children donated blue-lined exercise books and red and blue pens.

All ages donated quality reading books.

The PNG Appeal was a great success as so many students discovered the joy of giving.

Thanks to the generosity of the school 21boxes have made their way to the village of Tubusereia, ready for the new school year.​

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