Blast from the past unearthed

St Brigid's School, Nerang

Foundation staff, students and parents with some of the bounty unearthed from a time capsule buried in St Brigid's first year opened. ​​

​​​​​GENERATIONS of students, staff and parents gathered at St Brigid's School, Nerang, to witness the opening of a time capsule buried 25 year ago.

Following a special Mass led by Auxiliary Bishop Ken Howell, foundation Principal Tony O'Shea helped current Principal David Sewell unearth the time capsule.

After a short struggle to remove the lid Mr O'Shea slowly revealed all the treasures it held from the school's first year in existence.

Former students Kylie Caple and Leah Porter joined the gathering to watch the opening of the capsule which was also live streamed in the school hall filled with the majority of current students.

Kylie and Leah said memories came flooding back as Mr O'Shea revealed posters, photos, copy books, a calendar, a teddy bear and a bottle of port in near perfect condition from inside the capsule.

"It brought back a lot of memories for me," Kylie said.

“Even just walking through the buildings."

She said she did get a bit emotional as the capsule was being opened.

“I vaguely remember it being put into the ground, but I couldn't remember if or what I had contributed to it.

“I must have put something as everybody in the school had something, even if it was just a drawing or a signature."

Leah said it was a bit of a throwback to the “good old days" for her.

“It was nice talking to people I haven't seen for years and chatting about the old days," she said.

“Chatting about where we've been and what's changed in our lives since our school days."

Tony said he was delighted to be back at St Brigid's.

“It was great to see and talk to some of the parents and kids who were here from the very beginning. 

He said it was also great to catch up with some staff who had been there from the very beginning.

As he opened the capsule, Tony said it trying to remember what was put in it 25 years previously was interesting.

“I knew we put something in from each class and I knew the bottle of port was in there, which I was worried about.

“We didn't know if it had been broken."

A great sigh of relief went up as he pulled it out, and it was still intact.

“It was good to see there was only a small leak from the lid which did not affect the other items in the capsule," he said.

Current Principal David Sewell said to see so many friendly faces at the celebrations was great.

"To have them all here today was just amazing."

David said to be given stewardship of the school at such a special time was very humbling.

"To be able to celebrate 25 years was very special," he said.

“Tony O'Shea and Fr Mark Percival did a great job in setting us up here at St Brigid's and there have been many staff who have cared and nurtured for the children and families of St Brigid's over this 25-year period.

“It was great to celebrate and give thanks for all the work that has gone into making St Brigid's the peaceful, compassionate, respectful, loving and faith-filled school community that it is today."

He said it was amazing to see how many former students, staff and parents turned up for the celebrations.

“You can tell by the smile on their faces and the shine in their eyes just how proud they are of this school.

“It's a really good way to link to our past and look forward to the future."

He said he was looking forward to another fantastic 25 years.

“We look forward to continuing to provide safe, quality Catholic education to the kids in Nerang and it's surrounds into the future," he said.

He thanked Assistant Principal for Religious Education Belinda Kingston and the many staff who had worked tirelessly to ensure that the celebrations were meaningful and memorable.

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