BCE educator lives out her dream of working as a multi-instrumental music teacher


Multi-instrumental music teacher, Year 7 science teacher, and band conductor Louise McGill. 

Brisbane Catholic Education specialist music and science teacher Louise McGill never thought her passion for music would set the stage for her ‘dream job.’ 
The Mt Maria College Mitchelton multi-instrumental music teacher, Year 7 science teacher, and school band conductor was recently nominated among the 'Top 50 most inspiring women in South East Queensland for her dedication to her students and craft by a media outlet.  
“Becoming a music teacher has been my dream job since high school,” she says. 
“I never wanted to be a famous musician. I just wanted to share my talents through teaching and bring joy to my students.” 
Louise says 2023 has been full of remarkable achievements for her students and school. 
I was elated when our concert band at Mt Maria College was awarded gold at the recent Queensland Catholic Music Festival,” she says.  
“I did not think this year could get any better, until it did! 
Louise says she enjoys sharing her love for music with students in various disciplines, from woodwinds to brass and percussion.  
It gives me an adrenaline rush when I get to teach my students a music piece from beginning to end and witness their development,” she adds. 
“I love seeing the joy of achievement on the faces of my students when they finally master a piece or play something for the first time, it is truly rewarding to witness their light bulb moments.” 
In addition to her work as a multi-instrumental music teacher, Louise has demonstrated a deep appreciation for the connection between science and music.  
“Some people say that being a music and science teacher is an unusual combination,” she says. 
“For me, music and science are closely intertwined. 
There is lots of science in music and lots of creativity in science. 
“The creation of music itself includes science. 
“We only have to look at the science behind sound acoustics to realise how closely connected these subjects are. 
Louise also volunteers as a band conductor for Redland City Bands, as well as for their community Christmas carolling performances and ANZAC Day March. She also performs with the Queensland Wind Orchestra throughout the year. 
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