BCE student makes everyone STOP and listen this World Hearing Day

St Joseph’s Bardon student Charlie Davis delivers a speech at the annual Hear and Say Power of Speech event in Brisbane. 

There’s not many Year 3 students who could make a whole room stop and listen. 

But eight-year-old Charlie Davis finds it easy to get everyone to listen to what he has to say. 

This World Hearing Day 3 March, Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) would like to shine a light on Charlie, a St Joseph's School Bardon student who at just six-years-old suffered a head injury after falling out of a tree. 

With fractures to his bones in the middle of his inner ear, Charlie was left with profound hearing loss on the left side. 

Now two years on since the accident, and after trialling several hearing devices, Charlie spoke about his journey to learn to hear again through his cochlear implant 

But he didn’t just tell his class.  

Charlie addressed a gathering of more than 70 people at the annual Hear and Say Power of Speech event, at Brisbane’s Parliament House last week 

Charlie’s mother Jacqueline Davis said after his accident the family lent on their school community to help Charlie return to normal life as soon as possible. 

We were so blessed that our school community had already installed sound field amplification systems in all classrooms,” she said 

Sound field amplification systems help all children hear equally within a classroom by amplifying a teacher’s voice. The hearing boost offered by these systems not only benefits students with hearing loss, but also provides benefits to students with auditory needs.  

The system also aims to prevent vocal cord nodules which can be common among teachers.  

St Joseph’s School Principal Fran Burke said, “our teachers and school staff are continually provided professional development opportunities which benefit students like Charlie.” 

“Our school staff are continually trained on how to use the sound field amplification systems,” she said. 

“Our teachers are also trained on where to position Charlie in the classroom so he can hear the teachers voice clearly, how to repeat questions to Charlie for best understanding, and how to utilise the technology on hand to improve Charlie’s educational experience. 

BCE is committed to increasing equitable access for all students to engage and learn within a classroom environment, according to Lead Education Advisor Inclusive Education Lynece Cavanough.  

“The installation of amplification systems reduces barriers for students with hearing loss and also improves the auditory experience for everyone in the classroom, leading to improved engagement and learning outcomes.” she said. 

“BCE supports the installation of amplification systems to enhance learning. 

Jacqueline said the St Joseph’s School community, and in particular, its Principal Fran, has been very supportive of Charlie. 

“On Hear and Say Giving Day in May last year, St Joseph’s School helped Charlie raise $1000 by wearing a splash of blue to school,” she said. 

“Fran provided us with opportunities for Charlie to return to school for as short or long as he needed, sometimes it was just one hour. 

“This allowed Charlie and our family some normalcy in his life throughout his rehabilitation and recovery.” 

Fran said it was inspiring for Charlie speak at the annual Hear and Say Power of Speech event. 

“He inspires staff and students within our school community every day,” she said. 

Now he’s also inspiring some of Australia’s most influential politicians.  

It’s amazing to see how far he has come in such a short time. 

“I know there are big things in store for Charlie, and the St Joseph’s School community is proud to be part of his education and life journey. 

“We can’t wait to see what else he will do!” 

BCE would like to wish Charlie all the best as he continues his education journey at St Joseph’s School. 

To learn more about Charlie’s journey click here. 

For more information about St Joseph’s School Bardon and to enrol click here.  

About World Hearing Day: 

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world.  

About Hear and Say: 

Hear and Say is Queensland’s specialised provider of paediatric audiology and speech pathology services. Hear and Say specialises in supporting families whose child has been diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss through three core services areas; hearing screening, audiology and speech pathology. 

For more information about Hear and Say click here. 

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