Walking in solidarity with poor

Xavier College, Hervey Bay

Xavier students carried buckets of water around the school oval to help with those  struggling to enjoy safe and drinkable water.​

​STUDENTS at Xavier Catholic College, Hervey Bay, gave 100 per cent as they pulled on their favourite walking shoes to raise more than $1700 for Caritas Australia.

Carrying containers filled with water, the determined students walked around the school oval in solidarity with those around the world who did not enjoy safe and drinkable water.

The students participated in the Caritas Ks program with all funds raised going directly to Caritas and those in need.

Caritas Ks was an opportunity to not only fundraise but to educate students in social justice, with the aim of inspiring them to "be more" and "be a voice" for the poorest in the world.

In Australia clean, fresh water was something that was taken for granted.

However, around the world thousands of women and children needed to cover many kilometres each day to fetch water, obtain food, get to school or market, or simply to survive.

The money raised through Caritas Ks helps fund as many solar water filtration and pump systems as possible, so lots of people can have access to water via a tap in their village.

Teacher Matthew Ninnes said students were surprised and disappointed to learn that still in today's world many have to make the often dangerous and long trek to collect water for cooking, drinking and washing. 

“Even though this water was unsafe, it was still undertaken each day by individuals and often by young girls at the cost of an education.;" he said. 

“Our students walked to say that this is not right, we need to continue to support the work of Caritas in our world.

“We can take the first step by reaching out and making a donation not just of money but of our time. 

He said it was inspiring to see so many primary leaders saying yes by joining the secondary students in the Prep to Year 12 community event. 

“I'm so proud of our community," Matthew said, 

“It was great to see every person in our school community work towards achieving this goal together," he said. 


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